Year of the Sheep

BaaI know I should probably have posted a little Chinese New Year celebratory message some time ago, but heck, better late than never, eh? We are currently in the Year of the Sheep. Didn’t know that, huh? As a lover of most things sheep connected (slow roast lamb, prancing lambs in green fields, sheepskin jackets, Ariens) I turn my attention to sheep inside.

Now, I wouldn’t suggest that you keep a live one indoors, but consider the by-product of the meat industry for warmth, cosiness and its sheer snuggle up to factor. It is winter after all!

Whether it be a long haired Mongolian skin or short shorn Cumbrian, in its natural off white, brown or grey tones or vividly coloured, the texture is pretty maximalist. And I love texture. I’ve used it in cushions, stools and chairs, and share some with you now.opt 2A little introduction can do wonders.opt 6Or you could REALLY push the boat out with something like this!opt 3And how about this beauty named, if you don’t mind, ‘Tired Man’. Well, tell you what . . . this woman gets pretty tired every now and then…opt 4Designed in 1935 would you believe? I want one now.