Teenage Dreams


Last year I had the thrill of creating a bedroom for a young teenager who had outgrown the one I had helped with some seven years earlier. The brief was to create a room that would suit both studying in peace and hanging out with a group of friends; it was to look evolved rather than all perfectly matching. We reused much of the original furniture and added in a few more ‘feature’ pieces, most notably the custom designed bed, with a wrap-around armed headboard to encourage quality get together time. A feature wall of digitally photographed flowers juxtaposes beautifully with the lace curtains and battered velvet pelmets to the windows. Whilst I was sorry initially to see the floral Cath Kidston wallpapered bedroom originally created for the 8yr old being replaced, I have to say that the final product is utterly fabulous! J teen dreams_WMore importantly, it was probably the most fun I have had on a project, as I was able to indulge my inner teenager and secretly pretend it was mine! J teen dreams detail We went on a hunt together for vintage treasures to adorn shelves for a 3D display and…… who wouldn’t want a Bubble Chair hanging from the ceiling? Thanks Miss P for letting me be a teenager once again!Jteen dreams detail 2