Oversized Floral Beauty

1 original ptgSo, let me show you how a divine Dutch oil painting dated c.1630 was transformed into a tantalisingly beautiful wallpaper recently.

The baby girl, whose room I had decorated many years earlier, had sprouted. It happens. Boo hoo hoo. She and her mum wanted a scheme that would take her through her teens – in comfort and in style. I have to say it takes a certain amount of trust to embark on blowing up things out of all proportion. . . . . . so, hats off to this client.

With the help of digital capabilities, we magnified the image so that the flower heads became the size of large Space Hoppers and the petals, in all their blooming perfection were ready to drop. We then zoomed in to crop it to the desired flower heads, coaxing a couple into and round the corner. It became apparent that the spider on the original yellow flower would become the size of a large saucepan and possibly the stuff of nightmares, so it was erased!

The image was better flipped right to left so that the mirror image allowed lighter areas of the background to become the main colour for the secondary wall.

A sketch became the blueprint for the samples to be approved and the order was sent through.2 sketchProof

The utterly unique wallpaper was delivered and hung; and we all agreed it to be breath-taking. And take note – the original oil painting is only 15 inches wide. Go back and look at it!3a breath takingThere were no holds barred, so yes, I had some fun with this one. A lush custom designed bed for young Sleeping Beauty was a given.4 bed We plumped the room up with fat bulging salmon pink upholstery for lounging and reading by the window; well, we had to counterbalance the necessary desk somehow! I get giddy just looking at the photo . . . . 5 plumped up A Mirror ball for glamour and fun – how could you not?6 mirror ballExtravagantly sumptuous curtains with textures and beading.7 curtains 2All added up to a gorgeous space – I could easily move in!3 breath takingBut does anyone else think this chick would really like a dog? Like, REALLY like one.8 dog 18 dog 2